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The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

Photography exhibition "For Cod's Sake", by Pepe Brix

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For Cod's Sake is a report that takes us on a journey through Iceland, to show a society shaped by the sea and a history full of apocalyptic events. Fishing, the holy grail of the national economy, allowed Man to remain on the island and led him to wage a series of wars with foreign fleets to protect his "spotted gold", the Atlantic cod." Today, their connection to nature and the respect they have developed by the sea continues to be mirrored in an effective fleet, and to show a sense of exemplary responsibility. The photographic exhibition reveals 23 large-format photographs that show us fishing on the high seas, fish processing on land and all the parallel action that serves the industry, and activities that still continue to serve as a complement to fishing, such as hunting and herding.


Pepe Brix in "For Cod's Sake"

Pepe Brix is a wanderer. This multi-pointed world, united by several points, crossed by an infinite bridge, which breaks and reaches into the heart. He is a photographer, which is to say that he looks above others, sees what others do not see, and observes the instant soul of things that speak slowly. It all began at this point in the world, in the middle of the Atlantic, called the Azores, in one of its smallest points: the Island of Santa Maria. He was born in 1984 into a family accustomed to extending bridges to others. He learned the trade without knowing it, that there are languages that are not learned, but that are unveiled, in a cardiac form, to the sound of music, on the floor of the cities, at the height of the mountains. The photograph was thus the laboratory where humanity has proved a fabulous mystery, because there are so many faces dropping tips, there are so many points to be crossed and then the bridge, happy to go ahead, even when recedes. From Porto to Hungary, from California to Ecuador, from India to Nepal, tips that told the human dimension of the senses, exposing the points, erecting bridges. Bridges that crossed mountain ranges and arrived in Newfoundland, as a navigator of the human retina, who sees everything, but does not always perceive what it registers. Therefore, the size of your heart, to fit what a frame can not stand: the frequency of a humanity that celebrates its own humanity, above all else.

Daniel Gonçalves